23 lipca 2021

TOP 5 unconventional ways to help you learn English: just try!

  • The best way, doubtlessly, is to fall in love. Not necessarily with a native speaker, however, it’s better when the embodiment of your dreams and you don’t have another choice besides using the target language for building up a romantic relationship. Everything seems perfect: free-of-charge learning and cultural exchange opportunities, life-changing decisions on the horizon, no additional motivation to put an effort required. However, it’s worth making sure that you won’t get biased towards the foreign language in case your love relationship ends before the planned expiry date. 


  • Living in a country where the target language is the main one does not need any additional advertising. Doubtlessly, diving into the language and cultural environment is quite promising yet not at all an effortless way of learning the new language. Think of your friends or family members who have worked abroad as students exchange programmes participants or physical labour workers. Practising survival English is naturally short-term-focused and subsequently not long-lasting. When you care only about being understood in order to fulfil urgent needs, grammar is understandably not the case. As years go by, it’s much easier to get into amnesia and then learn from scratch than to try to make use of the youth experience. Flag Theory, on the contrary, lets you be somewhere and benefit from international communication without fully moving out of your comfort zone, just pushing the boundaries could be enough. Living in one place and obtaining a degree or doing an online job on a different continent does not sound like fantasy anymore, however, has become a part of reality.


  • Reading anything in a foreign language sounds overwhelmingly boring and frighteningly difficult. However, all of us are completely unaware of how much we actually read every day. From scrolling the Facebook timeline and checking the latest news to digging into work-and-study-related articles. Just imagine how much would be possible to be achieved in case it all was in English, not only in terms of the language proficiency but also in terms of the diversified outlook and broad horizons. 


  • Listening to people and pieces of content you feel chemistry with. Nothing is as beneficial for the diversification of vocabulary as listening to the podcasts on iTunes or SoundCloud. Similarly, nothing strengthens memorizing grammar constructions as pleasurably as searching them in the pieces of lyrics of your favourite songs on genius.com.


  • Finding a negative motivation is capable of discovering your endless hidden potential. Nobody besides the mentally disabled or politically biased doubts how beneficial learning a foreign language could possibly be. However, a human never does anything unless there is a sword of Damocles hanging above their head. Thereafter, being mindful of what could happen in case of procrastinating on proceeding towards the desired outcome is an essential tool of boosting the motivation and walking the last mile. 

To sum up, learning a new language is comparable to reinventing yourself. Therefore, don’t depreciate it to the level of translating some of your expertise - or - even worse - gaining the knowledge you don’t necessarily need at all. Nothing is as harmful as getting discouraged as a result of continuous learning for the sake of learning. Every single tip mentioned above is all about making the best use of time, effort as well as practising mindfulness. The goal is bright, however, it’s worth making sure you’ve made your ride enjoyable.

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